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Memotri is a fairly straight-forward intuitive game. Even though it is tested by a team of testers (thanks: Femke, Martijn, Julia, Henk and Jan-Dirk), it is possible that something is not working as designed. If you happen to have find a bug, you can report it here: support.

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memotri FAQ

  • Q: I have found 2 matching memotri cards, why doesnt the game move on?
    A: It's memotri, you have to match 3 cards!
  • Q: How can I select a more diffficult game of memotri with more cards?
    A: In the main menu select "setup and start" - and there you can pick 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6
  • Q: I don't see achievements?
    A: You're probably not signed into Apple Game Center. Apple moved it to Settings > Game Center.
  • Q: Why bother with Game Center?
    A: Achievements and Leaderboards! If you unlock a specific achievement you will get an additional memotri deck from the Pro Edition for Free!
  • Q: How can I select a different memotricard images?
    A: In the main menu select "setup and start" - there you can pick treehouses, sweets, fruits or veggies
  • Q: How can we play memotri multiplayer?
    A: In the main menu select "setup and start" - and there you can pick singleplayer or local multiplayer.
  • Q: I want to play multiplayer via gamecenter, how do i do that?
    A: Currently memotri only supports hot seat multiplayer. That means you have to pass the phone to each other.
  • Q: Why should i buy the In-App Purchase Memotri Pro?
    A: First and formost: you will help support the developer and his family (2 daughters and a wife). Also, the game will stop showing Ads. And if that's not enough: you will have access to 5 more decks: animals, spring, summer, fall and winter.
  • Q: I already purchased Memotri Pro, but i reinstalled memotri, do i have to purchase it again?
    A: No, of course not! Just go to "setup and start" and click "restore previous purchases"

Any other questions?

My question is not answered in the FAQ. Now what? Mail your question to: support